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pages 311-312     Morgan Co., Ga.: Barkley Martin, exor. of the last will & testament of Douglas W. Porter, decd., in right of my wife Annabella, formerly Anabella Porter, who was the only qualified executrix (or exor.) of decd. 27 June 1826, advertised in the Georgia Journal that 9 months after date application would be made by me as exor. to Inferior Court of said co. sitting for Ordinary Purposes for leave to sell real estate of decd. No objections were filed. 7 May 1827, order passed. 3 July 1827 advertised in Georgia Journal that I would on 1st Tues. in Sept. next expose real estate of decd. to public sale in Morgan Co. Sold to Thomas S. King the highest bidder, for $2400. 20 Nov. 1828, Barkley Martin as exor. to Thomas S. King, both of Morgan Co., tract in 15th Dist., Morgan Co., Lot 310 & 170 acres of Lot 313, adj. Lot 314 by parallel line across Lot 313 with line now land where decd. lived & Isaac R. Walton’s land. Total 372 1/2 acres, in fee simple. /s/ Barkley Martin, exor. in right of my wife of last will of Douglas W. Porter, decd. Wit: William Porter, Seaborn J. Johnson. Proved by Seaborn J. Johnson, 23 Jan. 1829, F. W. Arnold, J.P. Recorded 25 Sept. 1832.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm