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pages 382-383     Ga.: 14 Feb. 1833, John D. Swift to Adam G. Saffold, both of Morgan Co., for $30, on Sandy Creek waters, Morgan Co., adj. two sides by land of Adam G. Saffold, other side by land of John D. Swift, beg. in boundary line, S. 50 W. 18 ch. 50 links to orig. line of fraction, S. 45 E. 23 ch. 50 links to cor. of fraction Lot 297 at boundary line, on boundary line N. 5.39 (or 5.30) W. 28 ch. to beg., is 21 1/2 acres, part of fraction Lot 297, in fee simple with improvements. N.B. No. of fraction the district cor. post interlined words erased in two places & numbers put in its stead. /s/ John D. Swift. Wit: Nathl. G. Foster, William Porter, J.I.C. Tract begins at Thomson old field. Recorded 16 Aug. 1833, John W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm