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pages 392-393     Morgan Co., Ga.: To Hudson Wade, Grant Davis, & William M. Brawner, Esqrs. Catharine Ballard, widow & relict of Benjamin Ballard, decd., petition to Superior Court, March Term 1833, she is entitled to dower in lands & tenaments decd. died seized of in said co. Benjamin Ballard died without making provision by will. 3 months have elapsed since he died. All parties have been notified & no objections filed. Majority of you to divide Lot 141, 20th Dist., Morgan Co., 202 1/2 acres, adj. land of Stephen Jones & estate of Burnell Russell, decd., execute writ & give notice & assign 1/3 part of land as her dower in real estate of decd. & make return 1st Monday in Sept. next. Lucius Q. C. Lamar, Judge of court, 11 March 1833. /s/ John W. Porter, clerk. Writ of Dower from Superior Court, March Term 1833, Lot 141, 20th Dist., laid off & assigned to Catharine Ballard, widow & relict of Benjamin Ballard, decd., 67 1/2 acres, 1/3 of Lot 141 with all improvements & the Spring, divided by line parallel across lot, adj. Lot 134 now in possession of Stephen Jones, 10 July 1833. /s/ Hudson Wade, Wm. M. Brawner, Grant Davis. Nathan Aldridge, J.P. certify Writ of Dower, 10 July 1833. Writ made judgment of court, see Superior Court minutes, Sept. Term 1833. Recorded 10 Sept. 1833.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm