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page 393     Ga.: Jesse Bull & Burwell Richards jointly owned a tract in Morgan Co., 20th Dist., Lot 294, Sandy Creek, 202 1/2 acres. Jesse Bull died intestate. Martha A. Bull became admrx. Order of Court of Ordinary of Columbia Co., admrx. sold an undivided 1/2 of tract at public sale in Columbia Co. as property of Jesse Bull, decd. & Edward Short was the highest bidder, for $1000. Martha made titles to Short & titles were destroyed by fire. Witnesses to deed are unknown to anyone now alive. Deed cannot now be established.
Martha Bull received money from Short. She is willing for Short to have titles. Short died shortly after titles were made. E. Short made a will & appointed Mark Price Davis, exor. Mark Price Davis died testate & appointed David Holliman, exor. & by force of law Holliman became exor. of Edward Short, decd. 25 July 1833, Martha A. Bull, admrx. of Jesse Bull, of Troup Co., to David Holliman, exor. of Mark Price Davis, decd. which Mark Price Davis was in his lifetime qualified exor. of Edward Short of Columbia Co., for $1000 paid by Edward Short in his lifetime. Order from Court of Ordinary of Columbia Co. to sell undivided 1/2 of tract in Morgan Co. at public sale, 20th Dist., Lot 294, Sandy Creek, 202 1/2 acres. Edward Short was highest bidder. Martha sells to David Holliman, exor., in fee simple. /s/ Martha Bull, admrx. Wit: W. W. Jenkins, Edmd. S. Harris, J.I.C. Recorded 19 Sept. 1833, John W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm