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page 395     Walton Co., Ga.: Charles Furlow in his lifetime, 22 Nov. 1830, made Asa C. Zachry his bond to execute titles to 1/2 of Lot 373, 101 1/4 acres, fraction Lot 372, 89 acres, fraction Lot 400, 62 acres, total 252 1/4 acres, in Morgan Co., Oconee River waters. Charles Furlow died before executing titles. Thomas Kennon & Charles Lattimer admr. on estate of Charles Furlow, decd., to Asa C. Zachry who paid up note & petitioned Superior Court of Walton Co. sitting as Court of Ordinary for Kennon & Latimer, admrs. be ordered to make titles to Asa C. Court granted Rule Nisi. May Term 1833, court passed rule absolute ordering titles be made, in fee simple, 1 June 1833. /s/ Charles Lattimer, Thos. Kennon, admrs. Wit: W. F. Barrett, Thomas J. Farrar, J.P., Edmund Adcock. Recorded 24 Sept. 1833, John W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm