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pages 421-422     Ga.: Inferior Court of Troup Co. sitting for Ordinary Purposes, 3 Sept. 1832. Application of Benjamin H. Cameron, guardian of the minors of Stephen H. Gilmore, decd. Order passed to sell real estate of decd. Legal notice was given in the Georgia Journal for 4 months & 60 days notice given for sale. 1 Jan. 1833, exposed to public sale in Morgan Co. & Charles Strong was the highest bidder, for $3805. 2 Jan. 1833, B. H. Cameron of Troup Co., guardian, to Charles Strong of Morgan Co., 1115 acres, Morgan Co., 19th Dist., Lot 89, 202 1/2 acres, Lot 101, 202 1/2 acres, Lot 118, 202 1/2 acres, N.E. 1/2 of Lot 132, N.W. 1/2 of Lot 132, & 305 acres deeded to Stephen H. Gilmore by Carter Tankersley, Jane Jones, & John Winfrey, all on Little River & Shoal Creek waters, adj. land of Wm. Coxe, E. Loyd, J. Haygood, Samuel Greenwood, & others, in fee simple. /s/ B. H. Cameron, guardian. Test: J. W. Buchhannon, James Haygood, J.P. Recorded 18 Dec. 1833, John W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm