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pages 430-431     Marriage Contract: Morgan Co., Ga.: 3 Jan. 1834. John K. Binford of Jasper Co., Ga. & Betsey Ann Evans of Morgan Co. Binford is seized in his own right of property of large value, land, negroes, money, notes, accounts, judgments, mortgages, & other property. Betsey Ann is seized in her own right of an estate of great value, land, negroes, money, notes, accounts, judgments, mortgages, personal & perishable property, stock, household & kitchen furniture, & utensils in said co. A marriage is shortly intended. All property, real & personal, belonging to the parties when they marry, except the real estate belonging to Betsey Ann Evans, shall be held by them during coverture jointly. Parties are entitled to uses, rents, & profits jointly. Betsey Ann’s property shall not be subject to disposition by gift, bequest, or any other mode of Binford or payment of his debts. Binford’s property is not subject to Betsey Ann’s debts. Betsey Ann’s property to remain under her sole & exclusive management.
If Binford dies & Betsey Ann lives, all property, real & personal, which belonged to him before marriage is to go to his heirs exclusive of dower rights & her property to remain hers. If Betsey Ann dies first, her property to go to her heirs. A negro woman named Venus, now property of Betsey Ann, shall belong to both during coverture. If either of them dies, the survivor to have her & on death of the survivor to be, with increase, equally divided between the children of both parties. /s/ John K. Binford, Betsey Ann Evans. Wit: John P. Evans, Joseph C. Evans, J.P. Recorded 9 Jan. 1834, John W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm