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page 516     19 Jan. 1832, Peter Hughes to Ewell McCoy, both of Morgan Co., for $1600, 405 acres where Peter Hughes now lives, beg. S.E. cor. near Meeting House Spring, N.W. on orig. line of Lot 280 for 45 ch., on line of Lot 281 to cor. near Turkey Creek, S.W. 45 ch. crossing Sandy Creek, S.E. 45 ch. to Alexander Awtrey’s fence, on fence straight line to Sandy Creek, down creek on bank above ford, straight line to beg., in fee simple. /s/ Peter Hughes. Wit: John D. Swift, Wm. B. Nunnally, H. Rousseau. Proved by John D. Swift who saw William B. Nunnally & Hiram Rousseau witness, 20 Sept. 1834, Littleberry Bostwick, J.P. Recorded 23 Oct. 1834, John W. Porter, clk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm