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pages 529-530     Morgan Co., Ga.: 11 Dec. 1833, Israel Beckworth of Morgan Co., to Ransom Harvell of Jasper Co., Ga., for $960, part of Lot 78, 15th Dist., Morgan Co., adj. William Hubbard, John Akins, James Shy, & Amos Ward, 150 acres, on Gap Creek, is where Israel Beckworth now lives, beg. on Wm. Hubbard’s cor., to cor., to head of branch, down branch across Mill Pond to branch out of E. Walkens’s [Watkins’s] field leaving head of pond to high water mark, around old line of lot. /s/ Israel Beckworth. Wit: James H. Shi, Marcellus R. Deal, Wm. H. Bailey. Jasper Co., Ga.: proved by Marcellus R. Deal, 8 Dec. 1834, E. Dodson, J.P. Recorded 9 Dec. 1834.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm