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pages 552-553     Ga.: 5 March 1835, Daniel T. Coleman to James G. Randle, both of Morgan Co., for $4000, in 20th Dist., Morgan Co., the entire Lots 1 & 33 & part of Lots 2 & 32, beg. N.W. cor. of Lot 33, on line between Lots 32 & 34 to Thomas Davis’s cor., parallel across Lot 32 S. 45 W. on Davis’s line same direction across Lot 2 to branch at Collins’s Spring, down branch to Madison Road, up road to 19th Dist. line, on line of 19th & 20th Dist. to 15th Dist., on line between 15th & 20th Dist. to beg., 600 acres, in fee simple. /s/ Daniel T. Coleman. Wit: John F. Johnson, Tho. J. Burney, J.P. Recorded 5 March 1835.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm