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pages 556-557     Power of Attorney: Morgan Co., Ga.: William Walker, late of afsd. co. in his lifetime purchased from Edward Short & Burnell Richards, tract in 20th Dist., Lot 296, Morgan Co. He obtained bond for titles. After death of William Walker, Simeon Walker became sole acting admr. on his estate & sold tract to Roderick Leonard & Vandevan Leonard.
He gave them his bond for titles. Roderick & Vandevan in Superior Court of Morgan Co. obtained judgment against Simeon Walker. Simeon, admr., now in Superior Court of Columbia Co. a suit pending on bond given by William Walker in his lifetime against Burnell Richards & the representatives of Edward Short who has since died. Simeon Walker has distributed estate of William Walker & can’t satisfy judgment of Rodrick & Vandevan & Simeon can’t prosecute suit in Columbia Co. Simeon wants judgment satisfied to Roderick & Vandevan. Simeon Walker & Roderick Leonard, sole party in interest in judgment, appoint Adam G. Saffold their attorney in fact, to prosecute suit in Columbia Co. now pending in favor of Roderick & Vandevan Leonard, 6 Aug. 1831. /s/ Simeon Walker, Roderick Leonard. Wit: Lancelot Johnston, F. W. Arnold, J.P. Recorded 13 March 1835, John W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm