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page 559     Mortgage: Morgan Co., Ga.: 1 Dec. 1835, James M. Skinner to John Robson, both of afsd. co., promissory note for $78.03 1/2. Security: a pine dining table, a cotton mattress, small table, wash stand, wash bowl, pair pitchers, white pitcher, blue pitcher, looking glass, 4 qr. decanters, small decanter, set knives & forks, mahogany candle stand, 13 large dishes, 2 doz. plates, set china cups & saucers, 3 china preserve saucers, 1/2 doz. tumblers, 2 cream mugs, 2 china mugs, 2 china dishes, 5 stone jars, 9 glasses, butter bowl, 9 glass cup plates, 3 waiters, 2 brass candle sticks, 3 stake dishes, tureen, 3 flat irons, 1/2 doz. tea spoons, 1/2 doz. table spoons, 3 coffee pots, 1 pr. shovel, 2 pr. & irons, frying pan, pr. waffle irons, wafer irons, skillet, oven, large pot, small pot, tea kettle, small chest, kitchen table, sifter, tray, biscuit board, rolling pin, stone jug, 3 lamps, wash tub, chain, oil can, gig bridle, butter plate, churn, axe, coffee mill, 3 pair pot hooks, safe, tin, corp, glass jar, tribet, spinning wheel, & trunk. If Skinner pays Robson with interest, this to be void, 1 Jan. 1835. /s/ James M. Skinner. Wit: James W. Knott, F. W. Arnold, J.P. Recorded 17 March 1835, John W. Porter, clerk.

Abstracted from Georgia Archives microfilm