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Nicholas P. Sims moved from Maury County, Tennessee, to Lafayette County, Mississippi, in 1833. On 1 May 1839, Nicholas Sims patented 160 acres in Lafayette County, Mississippi, Section 27, Township 8 South, Range 4 West, Chickasaw Land District. He was the assignee of John D. Sims.[450]

N. P. Sims lived in Lafayette County, Mississippi, in 1840[451] and 1850.[452] N. P. Sims had 9 slaves in Lafayette County, in 1850: 1 female, age 50; 1 female, age 25; 1 male, age 40; 1 male, age 30; 1 male, age 18; 1 male, age 17; 1 male, age 15; 2 males, age 2.[453]

Nicholas P. Sims had no children. In 1850 in Lafayette County, two children lived with N. P. and Amanda Sims: Sarah M. Sims, age 10 (born circa 1840, Mississippi); and John J. Sims, age 8 (born circa 1842, Mississippi). The identity of these two children isn’t known.

Nicholas P. Sims moved from Lafayette County, Mississippi, to Dallas County, Texas, six weeks before Christmas in 1850. He moved to Ellis County, Texas, in 1851.

On 20 February 1851, a deed from Alfred L. Hulm of Bowie County, Texas, to Nicholas P. Sims and E. M. Brack of Dallas County, Texas, for $1,000, 640 acres in Ellis County, Texas, on Chambers Creek, in Robertson’s District about 5 ½ miles from the town of Navarro, by conditional certificate 14 issued in Bowie County, 5 July 1841, on which unconditional certificate No. 104 was issued on 5 February 1844, adjoining Uriah L. Cummins, the Greathouse Survey, corner of the Edward F. Branch Survey. Also another tract as set out. Witnesses: E. M. Tarrant, A. M. Irvin.[454]

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