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Dallas Morning News, 4 June 1902: Bequeathed it to the Public – A Waxahachie man gives his entire fortune to establish a library – Special to the News. Waxahachie, Texas, June 3. There was filed in the county court here today a document of more importance to the city of Waxahachie than any in its history. This was the will of the late N. P. Sims by the terms of which his entire estate valued at $60,000 is bequeathed to three trustees for the establishment and maintenance of a public library and lyceum in this city.

The will is dated September 1, 1898 and is a lengthy one and makes careful provision for the establishment of the institution & maintenance, government, management, succession, etc., showing that the testator had given the matter deep thought and thorough investigation. The following is the clause making the specific bequest “I am without descendants and have passed the best years of my life in Ellis County, Texas, where I have accumulated the bulk of my fortune and am desirous of promoting the mental, moral and physical advancement of the people of said county and of the city of Waxahachie, its county seat and especially of the youth of said county and city and think this can be best done by the disposition of my estate, which I make by this will.

Therefore subject to the payment of my debts, if any, I hereby devise and bequeath the residue of my estate to George H. Cunningham, O. E. Dunlap, and S. M. Dunlap, the survivors or survivor to be chosen as hereinafter directed, in trust for the establishment and maintenance of a public library and lyceum in the city of Waxahachie in Ellis County, Texas, to be known as the N. P. Sims Library & Lyceum to be devoted to the use of persons residing in the city of Waxahachie in Ellis County. Executors: G. H. Cunningham and O. E. Dunlap.[468]

Dallas Morning News, 8 June 1902: Nicholas P. Sims – Waxahachie gets $60,000 for a public library & lyceum. Waxahachie, Texas, 8 June 1902. Nicholas P. Sims was born in Hanover County, Virginia, August 15, 1806. His ancestors came from Wales. John Sims was his father. His grandfather, William Sims, was a colonel in the Revolutionary Army, and was captured by the British together with his negro servant Old Kit.

[468] Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, 4 June 1902, p. 6.

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