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Colonel Sims, his son and daughters, moved to East Tennessee in 1807 and in 1809 again moved to Maury County, Tennessee, settling where the town of Mount Pleasant is located. N. P. Sims there obtained a fair common school education. Old Chadduck, a Yankee, was then and there a famous teacher. He was Mr. Sims’ last teacher. Archibald Wright, afterward one of the judges of the Supreme Court of Tennessee, was a fellow student. N. P. Sims became assistant teacher, being instructor in English grammar. When Lafayette came to Nashville in 1825 he belonged to a local military company called the Jackson Guards. N. P. Sims was then a young man of 19 years old…Mr. Sims married Miss Amanda Zollicoffer, a cousin of General Felix K. Zollicoffer. He moved to Oxford, Mississippi, in 1836 [1833] and from there to Dallas County, Texas, in 1849 [1850], living one year on White Rock Creek north of Dallas in the vicinity of where Colonel Thomas lived and died. In 1850 [1851] he moved to Ellis County and settled on Chambers Creek. This was the year Ellis County was organized. Some years ago he moved to Waxahachie where he resided until his death on May 24th last. He was a slave holder and a successful farmer. After the war he sold his farm and in a small way loaned his money. His first wife died in 1871 [1876]. In 1877 he married Mrs. Eliza Dunlap, his first cousin, and with whom he had spent his early boyhood days attending Chadduck’s School together. She died in June 1897.

N. P. Sims said every man made as much money as he was capable of taking care of. He was a man of position and decided character. Once forming an opinion he seldom changed it. He had a sharp temper and undaunted courage. He never signed a note as principal or surety. He had the highest integrity. Honesty and morality was Nicholas P. Sims.[469]

Dallas Morning News, 16 July 1902: Estate of the late N. P. Sims – Waxahachie will get $59,724 for library purposes. July 15, 1902, Waxahachie. The inventory and appraisement of the estate of N. P. Sims was filed in county court today. The entire community estate and his separate estate amount to $95,499.82 of which the separate estate of the decedent and his part of the community estate is $59,724.91 which is the amount devised by the will for the library and lyceum purposes.[470]

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