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E. M. Brack built churches and schools in Ellis County, Texas. He served several terms as county commissioner and county judge. He was a justice of the peace in Ellis County, for many years.

Ezekiel M. and Lucy Brack lived in Ellis County, Texas, in 1860,[479] 1870,[480] and 1880.[481]

On 20 February 1851 in Ellis County, Alfred L. Hulm of Bowie County, Texas, sold to Nicholas P. Sims and E. M. Brack, Dallas County, Texas, for $1000, 640 acres in Ellis County on Chambers Creek in Robertson’s District about 5 ½ miles from the town of Navarro, by conditional certificate 14 issued in Bowie County, 5 July 1841, on which unconditional certificate No. 104 was issued on 5 February 1844, adjoining Uriah L. Cummins, Greathouse Survey, corner of Edward F. Branch Survey. Also another tract as set out. Witnesses: E. M. Tarrant, A. M. Irvin.[482]

E. M. Brack was appointed one of the trustees of the Methodist church. 31 May 1852, James H. Addison, Preacher in Charge of the Waxahachie Circuit of the Methodist Episcopal Church South, appointed Charles H. Barker, David P. Fearis, Robert M. Berry, Emory W. Rogers, Norman H. Whittenberg, Harvey Skiles, and E. M. Brack as Board of Trustees for the church.[483] 2 June 1852, Nicholas Sims gave the trustees 10 acres for the use of the church.

[479] 1860 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, p. 15, #613/592, P.O. Waxahachie. Brack, E. M., age 45, male, farmer, $4,500/$7,350, born Tenn.; L. P., age 46, female, born Tenn.; R. F., age 15, male, born Miss.; E. A., age 13, female, born Miss.; M. F., age 10, female, born Miss.; M. J., age 10, female, born Miss.; J. J. Brack, age 7, male, born Texas; and M. B. Sims, age 51, female, $3,600, born Tenn.

[480] 1870 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, p. 391, #368/357. Ezekiel M. Brack, age 55, farmer, $3000/$1500, born Tenn.; Lucy P. Brack, age 56, born Tenn.; James Brack, age 17, born Texas; Maria Sims, age 58, born Tenn. All white.

[481] 1880 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, S.D. 3, E.D. 51, Sheet 29. E. M. Brack, male, age 64, farmer, born Tenn. N.C. Tenn.; Lucy P. Brack, age 65, wife, born Tenn. Va. Va.; Maria Sims, age 72, sister-in-law, born Tenn. Va. Va.; Lucy Johnson, age 22, servant, born Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. All white.

[482] Ellis County, Texas, Deed Book A, p. 37.

[483] Ellis County, Texas, Deed Book A, p. 127.

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