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Eliza was his second wife. Samuel Dunlap married 23 July 1825, Greene County, Alabama, to Martha Bond, died 1843. Samuel and Eliza Dunlap moved to Bluff Grove, Ellis County, Texas, in 1868.

Eliza married fourth, 14 December 1877, Ellis County, Texas, to her first cousin, Nicholas P. Sims,[541] born 15 August 1806, Hanover County, Virginia, died 24 May 1902, Ellis County, Texas. [Nicholas P. Sims is #44 in this genealogy].

Samuel and Eliza Dunlap lived in Chickasaw County, Mississippi, in 1850.[542] They lived in Kemper County, Mississippi, in 1860,[543] and in Ellis County, Texas, at Cummins Creek Post Office in 1870.[544]

The will of Eliza Sims was filed in Ellis County, Texas, 7 March 1901. She named her husband, N. P. Sims; daughter, Ellie Sweatt; sons, J. F. Cross, John Cross, O. E. Dunlap, and S. M. Dunlap; and children of deceased daughter, S. A. Calhoun. [Eliza’s stepdaughter, Ellen Dunlap, married 31 October 1875, Ellis County, Texas, to R. P. Sweatt.][545]

[541] Ellis County, Texas, Marriage Book C, p. 405. Nicholas P. Sims to Mrs.Eliza Dunlap, 14 December 1877. W. D. Robinson, M.G.

[542] 1850 U.S. Census, Chickasaw County, Mississippi, p. 756, #391/391. Dunlap, Samuel M., age 52, $5000, born S.C.; Eliza, age 36, born Tenn.; Mary A., age 19, born Ala.; Martha, age 18; John F., age 14; Sarah F., age 11; Luiza, age 9; Patsy E. Dunlap, age 7, born Ala.; Fleming Cross, age 10 (should be 20), born Tenn.

[543] 1860 U.S. Census, Kemper County, Mississippi, p. 846, #800/800. Dunlap, Saml., age 60, farmer, $11,640/$30,000, born S.C.; Eliza, age 46, born Tenn.; Sarah, age 20, born Ala.; Ellen, age 16, born Ala.; A, age 10, male, born Miss.; William, age 8, born Miss.; Sam, age 3, born Miss.

[544] 1870 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, p. 316, #276/276. Dunlap, Sam, age 72, farmer, $1500/$2500, born S.C.; Eliza, age 52, born Tenn.; John, age 32, born Ala.; Oscar, age 20, born Ala.; William, age 18, born Miss.; Samuel, age 12, born Miss.; Robert, age 10, born Ala. All white.

[545] Ellis County, Texas, Marriage Book C, p. 210.

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