Michal M. Farmer, William Sims
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     218.       v.   S. A. Sims, born circa 1846, Maury County, Tennessee, died after 1880, Red River County, Texas. His initial A may have stood for Alonzo. S. A. Sims was a law student in Clarksville, Red River County, Texas, in 1870. He lived next door, but one, to his brother, M. L. Sims, attorney at law.[725] S. A. Sims was a lawyer in Clarksville, Red River County, in 1880.[726]

[725] 1870 U.S. Census, Red River County, Texas, p. 2, #20, Clarksville. S. A. Sims, age 23, male, white, law student, born Tenn.; Mandy Sims, age 23, female, mulatto, domestic servant, born Texas; Charles Sims, age 3, male, mulatto, born Texas; M…, age 1, female, mulatto, born Texas.

[726] 1880 U.S. Census, Red River County, Texas, S.D. 2, E.D. 98, Sheet 25. Milly Nelson, black, female, age 25, widow, wash woman, born Texas Texas Texas; Lethe Nelson, black, female, age 4, dau., born Texas Texas Texas; B. C. McFall, white, male, age 26, carpenter, born Texas - -; S. A. Sims, white, male, age 30, lawyer, single, born Tenn. Tenn. Tenn.; T. P. Dick, white, male, age 69, clerk store, born Scotland Scotland Scotland.

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