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Jesse and Nancy Daniel lived in Dallas County, Texas in 1870[887] and 1880.[888] Jesse Daniel lived in Dallas County, in 1900.[889]

Dallas Morning News, 15 November 1902: Jesse Daniels died yesterday at his home five miles north of Dallas, aged 83. Mr. Daniels was one of the earliest settlers of Dallas. He was born in Tennessee and came to Texas in 1850. He was perhaps the first Methodist minister in the county. He leaves several grown children. He fought in the Southern Army in a Texas regiment.[890]

In 1902, Jesse L. Daniel’s land was in the country five miles north of Dallas. His land today [2011] is in University Park which is surrounded by the city of Dallas. Jesse’s house is marked on Sam Street’s 1900 Map of Dallas County, Texas.[891] His house was near the corner of what is today, Golf and McFarlin Streets in University Park. The house of his brother, Francis R. Daniel, was at the corner of what is now the intersection of Haynie and Thackery Streets, two blocks west of Hillcrest Avenue and the Southern Methodist University campus. University Park was subdivided and incorporated in 1924. Southern Methodist University opened in 1915.

[887] 1870 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, p. 395, #1028/1021, P.O. Dallas. Daniel, Jesse L., age 50, farmer, $2000/1944, born Tenn.; Nancy E., age 44, born Ala.; Sarah F., age 17, born Texas; James M., age 15, born Texas; Robert A., age 13, born Texas; Margaret L., age 11, born Ala.; Thomas, age 9, born Texas; Monroe L., age 6, born Texas. All white.

[888] 1880 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, S.D. 3, E.D. 58, Sheet 19. Daniels, Jessie L., male, age 60, born Tenn. Ky. Va.; Nancy, age 54, wife, born Ala. Tenn. Tenn.; Robert A., age 22, son, born Texas Tenn. Ala.; Monroe, age 16, son, born Texas, Tenn. Ala.; James, age 11, grandson, born Texas Ala. Ark.; Thomas, age 20, son, born Texas Tenn. Ala.; Caroline, age 20, dau.-in-law, born Texas Mo. Mo.; Maud, age 5/12, granddau., born Jan., Texas Texas Texas. All white.

[889] 1900 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, S.D. 6, E.D. 89, Sheet 8, Pct. #1, excluding city of Dallas, W. of H & C.R. RR. Daniel, Jesse, male, born August 1819, age 80, widow, born Tenn. Ky. Unk.; Thomas, son, born December 1860, age 40, married 21 years, born Texas Tenn. Ala.; Carrie C., d-in-law, born July 1861, age 38, married 21 years, born Mo. England Mo., had had 6 children, 6 living; Roy, gson, born December 1886, age 13, born Texas Texas Mo.; Ruby, gdau., born March 1889, age 11; Mabel, gdau., born February 1895, age 5; Ella, gdau., born October 1898, age 1. All white.

[890] Jesse Daniel obituary, Dallas Morning News, Dallas, Texas, 15 November 1902, p. 8.

[891] Sam Street’s 1900 Map of Dallas County, Texas, Aug. Gast Bank, Note, & Litho Company, Map Publishers, St. Louis. Reprinted by Friends of the Dallas Public Library, Inc., 1988, from the Collections of the Dallas Public Library.

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