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Jesse L. Daniel owned 73 acres of land when he died in 1902. The 73 acres was sold by his daughters, Margaret Daniel Finley, Sarah Daniel Grier, and Rachel Daniel Hoad, to F. L. Neney and A. V. Rozelle, for $31,003.33. This land was in the country when it was sold. It is now in the heart of Univeristy Park. In 2011 the 73 acres would be worth about a hundred and fifty million dollars.

Jesse Daniel’s grandson, James H. Daniel, sued his aunts and uncles, 4 April 1917, in District Court in Hamilton County, Texas, for part of the proceeds of the land sale. James H. Daniel was the son of John Wesley Daniel and Sophronia Church.

Daniel vs. Finley, et al, Court of Civil Appeals of Texas, Austin, 4 April 1917. James H. Daniel claimed to be a devisee under a will which he alledged defendants wrongfully suppressed, but who is not an heir of the testator. He couldn’t sue to recover land under the provisions of said will prior to its probate. Appeal from District Court, Hamilton County, Texas. Suit by J. H. Daniel against Margaret Daniel Finley and others. Suit against Margaret Daniel Finley, Sarah Daniel Grier, and Rachael Daniel Hoad, alleging that Jesse Daniel departed this life in March 1911 [November 1902], leaving surviving him as his only children the defendants herein and J. W. Daniel, T. B. Daniel, Robt. Daniel, and J. H. Daniel. Jesse Daniel left a written will. He bequeathed to the first six of said children and to appellant, all of his property – 73 acres in Dallas County. Appellees suppressed the will and sold the land to F. L. Neney and A. V. Rozelle for $31,003.33 and appropriated the proceeds to their own use and he sues to recover 1/7 interest. The appellant was not one of the heirs of Jesse Daniel, decd., because his father was still alive. Appellant had no interest in the land during the lifetime of his father who was not alleged to be dead. Finding no error of record, the judgment of the trial court was affirmed.[892]

[892] Southwestern Reporter, Volume 194, West Publishing Company, p. 955

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