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William Sims supplied Samuel Tinsley’s division with 75 lbs. of beef during the Revolutionary War. A return of certificates of overplus of division beef was received by Edward Butler, Commiser in Hanover County, in 1781.[138] William Sims was a patriot of the American Revolution.

On 10 March 1785 in Hanover County, Virginia, William Sims’s sister and brother-in-law, John and Nancy Gentry of Hanover County, confirmed the sale of land to Benjamin Timberlake. This deed confirmed that Bruster Sims of St. Paul’s Parish, Hanover County, decd., in his lifetime purchased from Richard Foster and Sarah, his wife, a tract in Hanover County, on branches of Totopotomy Creek and he died seized of same, having made his last will and testament and bequeathed to his daughter, Nancy Sims (now Nancy, wife of John Gentry), said tract. She married first to Parke Smith, which said land Parke Smith sold to George Parke who sold it to Joseph Brand who transferred his right to William Sims who also transferred his right to John Timberlake, decd., which right was inherited by his son and heir at law, Benjamin Timberlake, adjoining Archer, Tyler, and Gentry.[139]

In Hanover County, Virginia, 29 December 1785, James Armstrong of Louisa County, and William Armstrong and Rebecca Armstrong, widow and relict of Ellis Armstrong, decd., of Hanover County, sold to William Sims of Hanover County. Ellis Armstrong was seized of a tract of land in Hanover County, and in his last will and testament desired the tract to be divided by a line beginning in John Timberlake’s and said Sims’s line, and gave the northmost part to his son James and lent to his wife, Rebecca, the other part of the tract, the southmost, and after the death of his wife did give that part of land to his son William Armstrong and said James Armstrong. William Armstrong and Rebecca Armstrong sold the tract to the highest bidder, William Sims, for £335, 179 ½ acres, corner near the upper southern branch of Crumps Creek, Pollard’s corner, Sims’s line, Ivy Branch. Witnesses: Joseph Pollard, Benj. Head, John Timberlake.[140]

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