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And it is my will & desire that if any of my children remain unmarried at the death or marriage of my wife then & in that case I wish my Executors to lay off for such unmarried child so much land as they my Executors may think necessary for the support of such unmarried child, and then divide the balance of the land among my children that are married, equally.

And lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my sons John Sims, William Sims, & Thomas Sims, executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & affixed my seal this 14th day of March One Thousand eight Hundred and twelve. /s/ Wm. Sims. Witnesses: Harrison Blagreave, John Wilson, Oliver Crenshaw

Codicil to William Sims's will. Wife Judith and unmarried children to have all my right in 150 acres, part of a tract of 250 acres conveyed to myself, John Sims, and John P. Elliott by Alexander Rogers, 20 July 1812, part of 2000 acres granted to Alexander Martin, Esq. by N.C. (reserving one acre forever for graveyard). If they marry they must give up their interest in said land. William Sims, Junr. now lives on the said land. 3 Feb. 1813. Witness: Harrison Blagreave, Thomas J. Greenfield, John Sims.[147]


William Sims, nor his wife, Judith Sims, applied for a Revolutionary War pension. In 1856, their daughter, Susannah McAlister of Washington County, Tennesse, applied for bounty land based on her father’s service in the Revolutionary War. She stated that she was the only living heir of William Sims. This wasn’t true. Her sister, Nancy Harlan, was living in Dallas County, Texas, in 1856.

Bounty Land Application: Susannah McAlister of Washington County, State of Tennessee testified, 4 February 1856 that she was the daughter and only living heir of William Simms, who was in the Virginia Continental line. Her father enlisted in Hanover County, Virginia, and served honorably for 3 years and was discharged in 1782. He married in Hanover County, Virginia, in 1773. She applied for bounty land under children of soldiers rights of Act of Congress 1851 and the act of 4 March 1836. Susannah testified that her father, William Sims, died in Maury County, Tennessee, in 1815 and that Judith Sims died in the same county, 1843. Her request for bounty land was rejected.[148] [William Sims died in 1814. Judith Sims died in 1841].

[147] Maury County, Tennessee, Will Book A, p. 86. Will and Codicil of William Sims.

[148] Revolutionary War Pension File of William Simms or Judith Sims, #R9611.

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