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On 24 December 1745 in Louisa County, Virginia, John Sims, Matthew Sims, Edward Sims, and John Sims, son of George Sims, bill against James Sims that he render four negro slaves, Jemey, Tom, Fanny, and Anthony, value of £200 from them he unjustly detains. William Sims’s 18 December 1710 will left the offspring of negro girl Cate to his four eldest sons, John, Matthew, Edward, and George Sims:

The three loose pages found in the back of Louisa County, V irginia, Deed Book B, from Louisa County Pleas Court 1745-1746, p. 1-3. Pleas before the Worshipful Court of Louisa County in the XIX and XX years of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the Second by the Grace of God and of Great Britain, France, Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith. Court 24 December 1745. John Sims, Matthew Sims, Edward Sims and John Sims, Son of George Sims, came before the Justices of the sd. Court at the Courthouse by William Walker, their Attorney, and then brought into the sd. Court their Bill against James Sims, being in custedy of the Sheriff of the sd. County of a Plea of Detinue to wit: John Sims, Mathew Sims, Edward Sims and John Sims (son of George Sims) complains of James Sims that he render four negro slaves named Jemey, Tom, Fanny and Anthony of the value of £200 current money, which from them he unjustly detains. The sd. Plts. 1 November 1745 was possessed of sd. negroes as their own proper goods and Chattels. At this day 28 January in the year afsd., the sd. Plts. by their attorney as the sd. James Sims by Zachary Lewis, his attorney, who saith he doth not detain ye slaves in the declaration mentioned. Continued until 4th Tues. in June next and let a Jury be called. 26 August Court. Jury: 12 jurors were named.   

William Sims was seised and possessed of an estate consisting in and tenements, slaves and personal estate and by the Last Will and Testament of 18 December MCDCCX did bequeath to his four Eldest sons (Vizt.) John, Matthew, Edward, and George, the Offspring of his negro girl Cate; and by a later clause in his said will did give and bequeath the rest of his real estate to his three youngest sons, (Vizt.) William, Robert, James to be equally divided when they should come of age and appointed his son, William Sims, Sole Exor.; which follows:

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