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Pa Daniel had put up the other store and there it is today (26 January 1930) on a spot near Lovers Lane and Preston Road on Turtle Creek. Here Pa Daniel died. Their first four children were born while they lived near old Daniel Cemetery. They then moved to land allotted Mary Ellen after the death of her father. Their other four children were born here. The house is still standing north of the Katy tracks on the Greenville Road. They moved to Hutchins in Dallas County. She presently lives at 316 West 12th Street, Dallas.[2294]

Dallas Morning News, 16 December 1943: Rites are Held for Pioneer of Dallas. Mrs. Mary E. Daniel, 95, who rode to Texas from Indiana in a covered wagon 91 years ago. She was buried at Hutchins Wednesday. She died at her residence on Tuesday. She is survived by four sons, four daughters, 21 grandchildren, 26 great grandchildren, and 3 great great grandchildren. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Miller, settled a homestead on land where the Highland Pa rk Presbyterian Church, 3800 McFarlin now stands. Her husband, W. E. Daniel, who was the son of Frank Daniel, another pioneer Dallas County settler, died more than 42 years ago. Four surviving sons: Oscar Daniel, Fort Worth; S. W. Daniel, Hutchins; Alex Daniel and Tobe Daniel, Dallas. Four daughters: Mrs. J. J. Lemmon, Hutchins; Mrs. R. A. Simpson and Mrs. J. I. Irwin, both of Dallas; and Mrs. Sam Winfroe, Wilmer.[2295]

Mrs. Sam J. Renfro wasn’t Mary Ellen Daniel’s daughter. Mattie Jane Daniel (Mrs. Sam J. Renfro)  is #632 in this genealogy. She was the daughter of #294, Thomas Henry Daniel, and his wife Mattie Jane Beard.

In October 1900, Oscar L. Daniel, et al, sold to Lula B. Irwin, 63 ¼ acres out of the Levi Dixon league survey, for one dollar. And, in October 1900, Oscar L. Daniel, et al, sold to Margaret A. Simpson, an undivided half interest in 46 acres, part of the Levi Dixon league survey, for one dollar.[2296]

In October 1911 in Dallas County, Texas, F. R. Daniel, Lula B. Irwin, M. A. Simpson, and M. E. Lemon, et al [heirs of William Edward Daniel] vs. A. L. Daniel, administrator of the estate of F. R. Daniel, deceased, was appealed from the county court to the 14th District Court.[2297]

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