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Gus L. Ford was dean of Weatherford College in Weatherford, Texas, in 1921. Gus L. and Ann Ford lived on Broadway Street in Lubbock, Texas, in 1930. He was a teacher at Texas Tech.[2408] In 1936, Professor Gus L. Ford was chairman of the department of history and anthropology at Texas Technological College in Lubbock.

Gus was the editor of Texas Cattle Brands published in Dallas by Cockrell in 1936. Gus and Ann Ford lived at 3412 Haynie in Dallas in 1941.

Gus L. Ford was the son of G. L. “Dutch” Ford, born 29 June 1844, died 9 February 1916, and Sophronia Frances Webb, born 23 August 1852, died 5 June 1932. Gus Ford was a grandson of Isaac B. Webb and Mary Hughes who lived in Farmers Branch, Dallas County, Texas. Isaac B. Webb established the first Methodist congregation in Dallas County at his home in Farmers Branch.

Isaac B. Webb, born 4 June 1802, died 13 November 1880, at his home in Farmers Branch, Texas. He had lived many years in Maury County, Tennessee. He was converted at 18, orphaned at nine years by his mother and by his father’s mental derangement. He married Mary Hughes, sister of W. H. Hughes of the North Texas Conference, also of John F. Hughes of the Tennessee Conference. From his journal: landed at Farmers Branch, January 27, 1844. March 1845, Daniel Shook, the first Methodist circuit preacher in the colony preached at my cabin, May 5th 1845, Webbs Chapel, the first church in the colony, 1846.[2409]

[2408] 1930 U.S. Census, Lubbock County, Texas. Ford, Gus L., age 44, mar at 24, born Texas Va. Texas; Anne, wife, age 42, mar at 22, born Texas Ill. Texas; Frances Erle, dau., age 17. All white.

[2409] Texas Christian Advocate, 26 February 1881. Memorial by Helena Gillespie.

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