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He moved to Dallas County, Texas, in 1852. He lived in Dallas County, in 1860[2608] and 1870.[2609] His post office was Lancaster in 1860 and Dallas in 1870.

W. A. Palmer’s sister, Fannie A., born in 1844 in Harrisonville, Cass County, Missouri, married into the other Dallas County pioneer Daniel family. Fannie Palmer married R. N. Daniel. Mrs. Fannie A. Daniel died in Dallas in May 1927. Survivors included: a brother, Dr. W. A. Palmer of Corpus Christi and two sisters, Mrs. T. H. D. Stuart of Coleman and Miss Ora Palmer of DeSoto.[2610] The Daniel family in DeSoto, Texas, wasn’t related to the Daniels that were descendants of Frances Sims Daniel (daughter of William Sims and Judith Cross).

Obituary of Henry Mary Brewer Palmer: Dallas Morning News, 12 December 1908: Palmer. The death of Mrs. Harry H. Palmer, wife of Dr. Palmer, occurred on November 27 at Dunn, Texas. She was raised and lived near Italy, Ellis County, Texas, until April 5, 1906. The family moved to Dunn, Scurry County, Texas, and have since that time resided there. Waxahachie and Italy papers please copy.[2611]

Dallas Morning News, 10 April 1939: Dr. W. A. Palmer, 92, Confederate Vet Dies, Corpus Christi, Texas, April 9 (AP). Dr. W. A. Palmer, 92, of Snyder, Scurry County, a Confederate veteran, died here Sunday. He had been visiting a daughter here for three months. During the Civil War he was in the Tom Green division of the cavalry. He enlisted from Dallas County. Surviving are three daughters, Mrs. T. M. Gannaway of Corpus Christi, Mrs. John C. Greene of Wichita Falls, and Mrs. H. M. Murphy of Hermleigh, Scurry County, and four sons, W. A. Palmer, Jr. of New Mexico, C. B. Palmer of Brownwood, S. A. Palmer of Nacogdoches, and H. B. Palmer of Laredo.[2612]

[2608] 1860 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, p. 375, #379/379, Pct. 7. Palmer, A. B., age 49, male, physician, $3040/$8500, born Tenn.; Frances A., age 40, female, born Va.; Chas. H., age 18, born Mo.; Frances A., age 16, female, born Mo.; Wm. A., age 14, born Mo.; Florence T., age 6, born Texas; Va. D., age 4; E. O., age 1, female.

[2609] 1870 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, p. 322, #87/91, Pct. 2. Palmer, Amos B., age 59, physician, $6300/$1571, born Tenn.; Frances A., age 49, female, born Va.; William A., age 22, $200, born Mo.; Florence T., age 15, born Texas; Virginia D., age 13, born Texas; Ellen O., age 11, born Texas. All white.

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