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In Maury County, Tennessee, 5 August 1826, Thomas Sims, Joseph O. Cross, and John M. Daniel witnessed the will of John Sims (brother of Thomas Sims).[274]

Thomas Sims died 24 December 1838, Maury County, Tennessee, intestate. He owned property in Lafayette County, Missisippi, when he died. Thomas Sims, deceased, 1839, of “Murry” County, Tennessee, William F. Sims, administrator, Lafayette County, Mississippi.[275]

Thomas Sims owned the following 19 slaves in Lafayette County, Mississippi, when he died in 1838: Martin, Betsey, Ben, Sophia, Jeffry, Maria, Matilda, Milly, Malinda (Linda), Ely, Allen, Alley, Riller, Sarah, Hester, Edward, Abram, Catherine, and Absalom.[276]

Thomas Sims’s son, Thomas P. Sims, took some of the slaves belonging to his father’s estate to South Carolina and sold them. Thomas’s son, Minor Sims, went to South Carolina to retrieve the slaves. Minor Sims filed three petitions in South Carolina. Two of the petitions were in Richland District, and one was in Lexington District. The petitions were filed 10 March 1846, 16 March 1846, and 15 February 1847. In all three Petitions the Petitioner was Minor S. Sims. The Defendants were the people who purchased the slaves, James and Margaret Black, John Caldwell, L. H. Trevet, and Jacob Stack. Also, Defendants were Minor’s siblings: H. A. G. Lee, Margaret E. Sims Lee, Augustus C. Sims, Thomas P. Sims, and William F. Sims.[277]

Minor S. Sims states his father, Thomas Sims, died intestate in 1838, leaving a personal estate – several slaves and some debts. At the time of the elder Sims’s death the slaves whom Minor Sims describes as family negroes were in Mississippi. In 1839, William F. Sims, one of Thomas’s sons qualified as administrator of the estate. William’s appointment was revoked in 1840 and his brother, Thomas Sims, took over.

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