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Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth C. Sims, 27 August 1873: The State of Texas, County of Ellis. In the name of God Amen I Elizabeth C. Sims of said county wife of John D. Sims being mindful of the uncertainty of life and of the certainty of death and having been advised that I have a community interest in the property acquired by my said husband & myself in Texas and also desiring to make the same disposition of my interest in the property acquired by us jointly as shall be made by my said husband do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others heretofore made.

First I desire that my funeral expenses & all just debts be first fully paid. Second (2nd) I give & bequeath to my beloved husband John D. Sims all my right title & interest in & to the entire Estate real personal & mixed owned by me & my said Husband as common or community property having full confidence that my said Husband will at his death make an impartial distribution thereof & do equal justice to all our children & grand children.

Third (3rd) my said husband John D. Sims has this day made his last Will & testament & it is my wish & desire that the same shall include a disposition of all the interest I have or may have in the property owned by us jointly or to which I may have any title and in the event he should not be surviving at my death I desire that the special bequests made in his will shall be fully carried out & that full absolute title shall vest in the Legatees as therein directed.

Fourth (4th) It is my will & desire & I so bequeath that all the residue of my Estate real personal & mixed not specially bequeathed by my said husband & myself as above stated shall be given & divided share & share alike that is to say to W. D. Sims one share Mary A. Sims one share Sarah F. Brewer one share the children of Wm. J. Sims Decd. one share the children of Virginia Forrest Decd. one share and Tennese Cunningham one share.

5th I do hereby recognize the division & partition and distribution of the money & lands as designated in the will of my said Husband & in the Plots A. B. & C. and the notes thereto attached and I do hereby relinquish to my children & grandchildren all my interest in the same in the same proportion & to the same persons designated as legatees in the will of my said husband.

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