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Adam Martin (1755-1835) and Thomas Roy Musick (1757-1842)
St. Louis County, Missouri Pioneers
Their Ancestors, Descendants, and Related Families
Hildebrand, Peira, Roy, and Neville

Published 1989, by Michal Martin Farmer
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678 pages, 6" x 9", 136 photographs, 15 maps, bibliography, 60 page every name index, acid free paper, smyth sewn, case bound, red Roxite hardcover, black stamping, library binding.

Chapter 1 - History of the Martin Family - 32 pages
- Historical overview of the Adam Martin family

Chapter 2 - Adam Martin and his Descendants - 410 pages
- Adam Martin was born 28 Sept. 1755 in Pennsylvania and died 14 April 1835, aged 79. He married 16 March 1778, Augusta County, Va., Mary McMillin. She was born 16 March 1762 in Pa. and died 16 May 1850, aged 88. They died in Bridgeton, St. Louis Co., Mo. Adam and Mary had nine children, seventy-seven grandchildren, and 268 proven great grandchildren. They moved from Augusta Co., Va. to Rutherford Co., N.C. in 1788 and to what is now St. Louis Co., Mo. in 1795. Their children were:

  1. Lewis Martin, b. 1779, d. 1853, St. Louis Co., m. Rachel Wallace and Mary Catherine Jones.
  2. Jane "Jenny" Martin, b. 1780, d. 1814, St. Louis Co., m. William Miller.
  3. David Martin, b. 1782, d. 1867, Maries Co., Mo., m. Sarah Musick.
  4. Mary M. Martin, b. 1784, d. before 1867, Moniteau Co., Mo., m. Christian Terwalt Hildebrand.
  5. Nancy A. Martin, b. 1787, d. 1814, St. Louis Co., m. Lewis R. Musick.
  6. Elizabeth Martin, b. 1790, d. 1855, m. Paul Whitley and Hosea Hall.
  7. Jehoida A. Martin, b. 1794, d. 1844, Cole Co., Mo., m. Martha _____.
  8. Jonathan P. Martin, b. 1799, d. 1854, Moniteau Co., Mo., m. Polly Inglish and Margaret Shipley.
  9. Robert N. Martin, b. 1804, d. 1876, St. Louis Co., m. Mary W. "Polly" Hawkins.
The 77 grandchildren were: Elizabeth Martin Applegate, Helena Martin Inglish, Alton F. Martin, Presley Martin, David Bagley Martin, Wm. Carey Martin, Delilah Martin Reed, Harriet Martin Hoffman, Mary Jane Martin, Ellen Martin Northcraft, Rebecca C. Martin, Jane Martin Hannon, Caroline H. Martin, Elizabeth Miller Caruth, Martin A. Miller, Allen D. Miller, Lauretta Miller Beaven, Harriet Miller Turley, David R. Miller, Madison Green Martin, Jackson Toliver Martin, Jane Martin Long Edgar, Joan Martin Hawkins, Lewis Musick Martin, David Allen Martin, Wm. N. Martin, George Wash. Martin, Mary Martin Hawkins, Nicholas P. Martin, Adam Columbus Martin, Hiram Hildebrand, Nancy Hildebrand Kiser Norman, Solomon Hildebrand, David Martin Hildebrand, Ellmina Hildebrand Reamey, John Hildebrand, Wm. Wash. Hildebrand, Mary M. Hildebrand, Adam P. Hildebrand, Jerome Bonepart Hildebrand, James Christian Terwalt Hildebrand, Juletta Musick Williams, Lanson Trigg Musick, Elvira Musick Routon, Nancy Martin Wingate, James W. Martin, Elizabeth Martin Geminden, Adam N. Martin, Mary Jane Martin Stevens, Paul Whitley Martin, Priscilla S. Martin Campbell, Julia Ann Martin, Virginia Martin, Delilah Martin, Riley B. Martin, Martha Martin, Adam Martin, Martha Martin, Robert Shipley Martin, Oliver P. Martin, Susan S. Martin, Polly Martin Hickcox, Elizabeth Martin, Sarah R. Martin, Jonathan P. Martin, Margaret Martin Wolfe, Wm. W. Martin, Daniel Green Martin, Byron Burris Martin, James G. Martin, Lewis H. Martin, Nancy Martin Farmer, Elizabeth Martin Link, and Adilia Martin.

The majority of the lineages and descendants are brought down and proven to 1989.

Chapter 3 - Lewis Martin, Sr. & Descendants - 16 pages
- He was Adam Martin's brother. Lewis was born 1757, died 1834, St. Louis Co. His nine children and grandchildren are proven.

Chapter 4 - McMillin - 4 pages
- Robert McMillin was the father of Mary McMillin, wife of Adam Martin.

Chapter 5 - Peira & Marechal - 20 pages
- Anastasia Peira married 1835, St. Louis Co., Madison G. Martin, son of David Martin and Sarah Musick. Nicolas Marechal, b. before 1715, Loraine, France, moved to Quebec and the Illinois Country. He married Marie-Jeanne Illeret in Cahokia, Illinois Country in 1735. She was half French and half Illinois Indian. They moved to St. Louis in 1765. Their granddaughter, Therese, married Jacques Peira.

Chapter 6 - Musick - 66 pages
- George Musick died 1754, Spotsylvania Co., Va., married Ann _____. They had nine children. George's sons, Abraham and Ephraim Musick, are brought forward. Abraham was born ca. 1722 and died ca. 1800, St. Louis Co., married Sarah Lewis. They moved to St. Louis Co. in 1795. Ephraim was born ca. 1724 and died after 1787, Albemarle Co., Va. He married Isabella Roy. The descendants are proven for Ephraim's sons, Abraham and Thomas Roy Musick, who moved to St. Louis Co. in 1803. Thomas R. Musick was born in 1757 and died in St. Louis Co. in 1842. He married ca. 1778 in Rutherford Co., NC to Mary Neville, daughter of William Neville and Winifred Oldham. Thomas Roy Musick founded Fee Fee Baptist Church in St. Louis Co., Mo. in 1807. It was the third Baptist church founded west of the Mississippi River.

Chapter 7 - Roy - 5 pages
- James Roy died in 1741, Spotsylvania Co., Va. His daughter, Isabella Roy, married Ephaim Musick. They were the parents of Thomas Roy Musick.

Chapter 8 - Neville - 19 pages
- Joseph Neville was born ca. 1707, died after 1790, Hardy Co., Va. His son, William Neville, was born ca. 1739, Prince William Co., Va., died after 1813, White Co., Tenn., married ca. 1758, Fauquier Co., Va. to Winifred Oldham, b. ca. 1740, d. after 1796, Mercer Co., Ky. Their daughter, Mary, married Thomas Roy Musick.