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The Genealogy of the Webster, Martin, Dozier, Staples,
& Starke Families of Wilkes County, Georgia
Their Ancestors, Descendants, & Kin - Braswell, Wyatt, & Martin

Published 1994, by Michal Martin Farmer
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848 pages, 6" x 9", 65 photographs, 9 maps, 12 family relationship charts, 74 page every name and locality index with 15,775 entries, acid free paper, smyth sewn, case bound, black Roxite hardcover, gold stamping, library binding.

Chapter 1 - Introduction - 10 pages
Historical overview of the families

Chapter 2 - Websters and Known Associates - 18 pages
A discussion of the Webster families in early Georgia and their connections with Abner Webster

Chapter 3 - Abner Webster & His Descendants - 255 pages
Abner Webster was born 25 Dec. 1761 and died in Wilkes County, Ga. in 1802. He fought in the American Revolution from Richmond County, Ga. and married ca. 1783 in Wilkes County to Elizabeth Martin, daughter of Ganaway and Ann Martin.

Abner and Elizabeth Webster had eleven children:

  1. William Webster
  2. Nancy Webster married John Rorie
  3. Pheraba Webster married Daniel Gafford
  4. John Webster married Martha W. _____
  5. Mariah Webster married Samuel Farrow
  6. Martin Webster married Lucretia Dozier
  7. Seaborn Webster married Malinda Dyer
  8. Laban Webster married Ann Musgrove
  9. Elborn Webster
  10. Reuben Webster married Margaret Thompson
  11. Samuel Webster married Mary Gresham

Research about all eleven children is included. Many of the descendants of Martin Webster (born in 1794) and Seaborn Webster (born in 1796) are continued for eight generations to 1994.

Chapter 4 - Orson Martin - 73 pages
Orson and Susanna Gannaway Martin were the grandparents of Elizabeth Martin (wife of Abner Webster). Orson Martin was born ca. 1710. He married Susanna ca. 1733 in St. Peter's Parish, Va. They moved from Virginia to Orange County, N.C. and then to Wilkes County, Ga. in 1773. Orson and Susanna's son was Ganaway Martin.

Chapter 5 - Gannaway - 9 pages
Research about the ancestors of Susanna Gannaway Martin.

Chapter 6 - Dozier - 66 pages
James Dozier and Mary Malone were the grandparents of Lucretia Dozier who married Martin Webster (son of Abner). James was born ca. 1740 and died 1807 in Warren County, Ga. He married ca. 1762 in Granville County, N.C. to Mary Malone. They moved to Wilkes County, Ga. in 1785.

Chapter 7 - Malone - 7 pages
John Malone was born ca. 1710 and died in Bute County, N.C. in 1774. He was the father of Mary Malone who married James Dozier.

Chapter 8 - Staples - 52 pages
Thompson and Ruth Staples lived in Prince George County, Va. Their son, Thompson Staples, was born 12 Nov. 1720 in Prince George County and died in 1777 in Lunenburg County, Va. Thompson's son, Stephen Staples, was born ca. 1759 in Lunenburg County, Va. and died in 1804 in Wilkes County, Ga. Stephen married 4 March 1778 in Charlotte County, Va. to Mary Starke. Stephen and Mary moved to Wilkes County, Ga. in 1785. Their daughter, Elizabeth Staples, married James Dozier, son of James Dozier and Mary Malone. James Dozier and Elizabeth Staples were parents of Lucretia Dozier who married Martin Webster.

Chapter 9 - Starke - 58 pages
John Starke was born ca. 1710 and died after 1790 in Hanover County, Va. He married 25 May 1735 to Anne Wyatt. Their son, Thomas Starke, was born 7 July 1740 in Hanover County, Va. and died 10 Oct. 1794 in Wilkes County, Ga. Thomas moved from Charlotte County, Va. to Wilkes County, Ga. in 1785. He was the father of Mary Starke who married Stephen Staples.

Chapter 10 - Wyatt - 28 pages
William Wyatt was born ca. 1627 and died ca. 1693 in St. Stephen's Parish, King & Queen County, Va. He was the great grandfather of Anne Wyatt who married John Starke.

Chapter 11 - Braswell - 50 pages
Rev. Robert Braswell was born ca. 1612 in England and died in 1668 in Isle of Wight County, Va. He was the fifth great grandfather of Mariah Braswell who married Thomas T. Webster, son of Martin Webster and grandson of Abner Webster.

Chapter 12 - Joseph Martin - 56 pages
Joseph Martin was born in 1758 in Rodez, France and died in 1835 in Wayne County, N.C. He came to America in 1779 to fight in the Revolution. His son, Kinchen Martin, born in 1806, moved from Wayne County, N.C. to Twiggs County, Ga. in 1826. Kinchen's son, James Martin, born in 1835, married Mary Elizabeth Ledingham in Crawford County, Ga. and moved to Natchitoches Parish, La. They were the parents of Florence Martin who mar-ried John Thomas Webster (son of Thomas T. Webster, grandson of Martin Webster, and great grandson of Abner Webster).

Chapter 13 - Ledingham - 5 pages