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William Downs of Morgan County, Georgia
by Michal Martin Farmer
    1. William1Downs was born circa 1730. His will was made 12 October 1789 and proved at November Court 1793, Halifax County, North Carolina.1 His wife’s name is unknown. William Downs lived in Halifax County, by 1773.2 William Downs bought 150 acres where he then lived on Chokiot and Quankey Creeks in Halifax County, in 1776 from Sherwood Grimsley.3 In 1784, William and David Downs sold to William Rose, 26 acres on Quankey Creek.4 William Downs is found in the 1790 census of Halifax County.5
    William Downs’s 1789 will gave son, William Downs, 50 acres, part of the tract where he then lived, adjoining William Rose, south side of road to Quankey Chapel. He gave his daughters, Sarah Downs, Mary Downs, Frances Downs, and Lucy Downs a bed & furniture each. He gave to his son, David Downs, all residue of his land. He gave to his son, John Downs, and daughters, Susanna Brumfeald, Jane Terrey, Anna Harper, and Elizabeth Mooreland five shillings each. The residue of the estate was to be equally divided between daughters, Sarah, Mary, Frances, and Lucy Downs. William Rose and son, David Downs, were executors.6
    Child of William Downs:
+2. i. William Downs, born circa 1755, will made 15 April 1824, proved 3 May 1824, Morgan County, Georgia.

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