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    2. William2Downs (1. William1) was born circa 1755, will made 15 April 1824, proved 3 May 1824, Morgan County, Georgia.7 His wife’s name is unknown. William Downs is found in the 1790 census of Halifax County, North Carolina.8 He sold his land in Halifax County, in 1802.9
    On 17 August 1796, in Halifax County, North Carolina, William Downs sold to Arrington Heath, a negro fellow about 28 years old named Tom.10 The 1796 bill of sale sold Tom for £100, 8 shillings, 10 pence. William Downs paid Arrington Heath £61, 6 May 1800, in Halifax County, and got Tom back.11 Tom, aged 55 to 60, was named in William Downs’s will in Morgan County, Georgia, in 1824.
    William Downs moved from Halifax County, North Carolina, to Morgan County, Georgia, in 1807 with his children, Sarah Downs and David Downs. He paid taxes in Morgan County, from 1807 until after 1812.12 William Downs drew land in the 1821 Georgia Land Lottery while living in Foster’s District, Clarke County. He drew Lot 2 in the 5th District of Houston County.13 William’s son, David Downs, was agent for William Downs when the 1824 taxes were paid in Morgan County.14
    William Downs lived in the 5th District of Morgan County, on Lot 184 in the northeast part of Morgan County, near the town of Apalachee and the Clarke County (now Oconee County) and Greene County, lines. In 1819, William Downs bought 75 acres of land in Clarke County, Georgia.15

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