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    On 11 February 1824, William Downs of Morgan County, sold to William McCullock of Clarke County, for $200, 75 acres in Clarke County, on the east side of Apalachee River, adjoining John Floyd and on the river.16 William McCullock was William Downs’s son-in-law. The deed was witnessed by William’s nineteen year old grandson, Wiley Downs.
    The entries in the tax digests of Morgan County, Georgia, the two deeds in Clarke County, Georgia, the draw in the 1821 Land Lottery, and his will in Morgan County are the only records William Downs created in Georgia. He never witnessed any deeds or went into court.
    The will of William Downs, made 15 April 1824 in Morgan County, said he was old and much afflicted, but of sound mind. He gave his daughter, Sarah McCullock, $20. He gave to Sarah McCullock and his son, David Downs, a negro fellow named Tom about 55 or 60 years old, and a lot of land in the 5th District of Houston County, Georgia, No. 2, and a feather bed to be equally divided between them after the $20 was deducted for Sarah. He didn’t want Tom to be sold out of the family. John M. Butler and Peyton R. Jenkins were appointed executors. The will was witnessed by Wiley Downs, Nancy Downs, and Eliza Reason. All three witnesses proved the will, 3 May 1824.17 Wiley and Nancy Downs were grandchildren of William Downs.
    Peyton R. Jenkins qualified as the executor of William Downs’s estate at May Term of Court in 1824.18 The estate was appraised by John M. Butler, Joseph Few, and William Hays. The money was divided between David Downs and William McCullock (husband of Sarah McCullock) and they signed receipts in May 1824.19
    Children of William Downs:20
3. i. Jinsey Downs, born 14 November 1778, Halifax County, North Carolina, died before her father’s 1824 will.

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    20 William Downs’s will named his son, David Downs, and daughter, Sarah McCullock. Sarah McCullough’s Bible record was in possession of her grandson, O. Riley Downs, in Gonzales Co., Texas, in 1902. The Bible record included names and birthdates for Jinsey, Sarah, and David Downs. Mary Beth Lozo, Canyon Lake, Texas, to Michal Farmer, 5 Feb. 1981.