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John Hardeman
born circa 1720
died circa 1774, Guilford County, North Carolina
married circa 1748, Goochland County, Virginia
Dorothy ——, born circa 1730, died 1790
and Their Descendants
by Michal Martin Farmer
    This genealogy is dedicated to the memory of my great great grandmother, Rebecca Hardeman, born 21 July 1842, Washington County, Texas, died 19 January 1919, Ellis County, Texas. She married William James Sims and Charles Columbus Snow. Rebecca Hardeman was the daughter of John Marr Hardeman and Mary Hardeman, who married 13 May 1828, in Hardeman County, Tennessee. John Marr Hardeman and Mary Hardeman were first cousins. John Marr Hardeman was the son of Constantine Hardeman and Mary Hardeman was the daughter of Blackstone Hardeman. Constantine and Blackstone Hardeman were both sons of Thomas Hardeman and Mary Hardin Perkins. Thomas Hardeman was the son of John and Dorothy Hardeman. I descend from Thomas Hardeman and Mary Hardin Perkins twice and from John and Dorothy Hardeman twice. I also descend from Thomas Hardeman’s second wife, Susannah Perkins Pryor Marr. Susannah’s daughter, Sarah J. Marr, married Constantine Hardeman.
    Many errors of fact have been published about John Hardeman and his descendants. These errors have been widely accepted and are included in numerous databases on the internet. The errors are also included in the Handbook of Texas and in biographies attached to on-line entries for the tombstones in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin.