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    Children of George Burnett and Dorothy “Dolly” Hardeman:528
130. i. Constantia Dudley Burnett, born 6 February 1803, Davidson County, Tennessee, married first, 8 August 1820, Howard County, Missouri, to James M. Miller,529 who was killed by lightning on the bank of the Missouri River at Boonville, Cooper County, Missouri, circa 1821.530 She married second, 16 July 1823, Clay County, Missouri, to William L. Smith,531 who was a merchant in Liberty, Clay County, Missouri, circa 1824.
+131. ii. Peter Hardeman Burnett, born 15 November 1807, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee,532 died 16 May 1895, San Francisco, California, married 20 August 1828, Hardeman County, Tennessee, to Harriet W. Rogers. Peter H. Burnett was the first governor of California.
132. iii. Glen Owen Burnett, born 16 November 1810, Davidson County, Tennessee, died 1886, Santa Rosa, California, married 6 January 1830, Hardeman County, Tennessee, to Sarah M. Rogers, born circa 1814, Wilson County, Tennessee, daughter of Peter Rogers, died 1858, Clay County, Missouri. Glen and Peter Burnett married sisters. Glen O. Burnett lived in Sonoma County, California, in 1880.533 He was a minister.
133. iv. George William L. Burnett, married 10 November 1831, Clay County, Missouri, to Sidney S. Younger.534 George W. Burnett lived in Clay County, Missouri, in 1840.535 They moved to Oregon.

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