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    There are three above ground vaults in the Blackstone Hardeman Cemetery. In 1982, they were crumbling with no legible markers. The unfenced cemetery was in very poor shape. The graves are just across the San Marcos River from Luling, in Guadalupe County, Texas, on the old Blackstone Hardeman homestead.
    More research needs to be done to prove the Bunch connection. There is evidence that Blackstone Hardeman married Anna Bunch. They married circa 1809. Blackstone Hardeman had five children under ten when the 1820 census was taken.577
    Blackstone was in Williamson County, Tennessee, 13 October 1808, when he witnessed a deed of gift from Thomas Hardeman to his son, Peter Hardeman.578 Blackstone Hardeman was on the Holston River in East Tennessee, 27 November 1810.579
    Blackstone Hardeman had a son named John B. Hardeman. No proof has been found as to what the B. stood for. It is now stated by some that the B stood for Bellefonte, but forty years ago all of the Hardeman researchers said the B stood for Bunch. Blackstone Hardeman’s son, Blackstone, did name a son Bunch Hardeman.
    Natt Holman’s Civil War diary mentions Cousin Mattie Perry and Cousin Robert “Bob” Hardeman. Martha “Mattie” Perry was the daughter of Blackstone Hardeman, and Bob Hardeman was the son of John B. Hardeman, Blackstone Hardeman’s son. Natt Holman was a cousin and lifelong friend of Martha Hardeman Perry and her son, Tom

    577 1820 U.S. Census, Maury County, Tennessee, p. 51. Blaxton Hardman – males: 3 under 10; 1 26/45; females: 2 under 10; 1 26/45. And, 9 slaves.
    578 Williamson County, Tennessee, Deed Book B, p. 105. 13 October 1808, Deed of Gift, Thomas Hardeman to son, Peter Hardeman. Witnesses: John H. Stone and Blackstone Hardeman.
    579 Tennessee State Library & Archives, B. Hardeman File. Letter from Thomas Hardeman, dated Sugar Hill, 27 February 1811. Addressed to Mr. Peter and T. J. Hardeman, Judge Lewis, Attakaps. Postmarked Franklin, Tennessee, 1 March 1811. “If your brother Blackstone is any where in that country give him long long boy.” And, “Blackstone wrote from Holstin 27th November he and all his family was then started for Attacapas and I have not heard from him since.”