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Perry.580 Natt Holman, “cousin,” lived with Thomas Perry in 1900 in Kinney County, Texas.581
    John Bunch lived in Grainger County, Tennessee. His daughter, Mary “Polly” Bunch, married circa 1803, Grainger County, Tennessee, to Joshua Hickey. On 17 August 1812 in Grainger County, John Bunch made a deed to his daughter Polly and her husband Joshua Hickey.582 Joshua and Polly Hickey had a daughter, Mary Maud Hickey. Mary Maud was born in 1819 and died 1843. Mary Maud Hickey married first, circa 1835, to John T. Shields583 in Morgan County, Alabama. Mary Maud Hickey Shields married second to John Thompson Holman, born 21 May 1818, Buckingham County, Virginia, died 23 June 1900, Colorado County, Texas.584 John T. Holman married in Alabama, to Mrs. John T. Shields. They moved to Texas in 1837. John T. Holman was the clerk in the first store in LaGrange, Fayette County, Texas. John T. and Mary Maud Holman had one child, Natt Holman.585
    Natt Holman was born 24 June 1842, near San Felipe, Texas, died 14 July 1919, buried in Old City Cemetery, LaGrange, Fayette County, Texas. He served in the Confederate Army in Terry’s Texas Rangers.

    580 Mrs. Berkeley N. (Frances) Holman, 1801 Lavaca Street, 9L, Austin, Texas 78701, to Michal Martin Farmer, Dallas, Texas, 5 April 1981. Berkeley N. Holman, born 1905, was the son of William S. Holman, born 1871 (son of Natt Holman). 1880 U.S. Census, Fayette County, Texas, S.D. 5, E.D. 58, Sheet 11: Natt Holman, age 37; son William S. Holman, age 9. 1910 U.S. Census, Matagorda County, Texas, S.D. 9, E.D. 141: William S. Holman, age 39, son Berkley N. Holman, age 5.
    581 1900 U.S. Census, Kinney County, Texas, S.D. 5, E.D. 47, Sheet 9. Head of family: Thomas Perry, born Jan. 1859, age 41. Nat Holman, cousin, born Dec. 1875, age 24.
    582 Grainger County, Tennessee, Deed Book C, p. 107. 17 August 1812, John Bunch to Joshua Hickey who married my daughter Polly.
    583 Mary Maud Hickey Shields Holman had a six year old son, Samuel William Shields (born circa 1837), when she died in 1843. His guardianship file: 5/6 to Samuel William Shields, and 1/6 to Nat Holman until their majorities. There was an inheritance from John T. Shields’s grandmother, Polly Glover, of Marengo County, Alabama. Samuel William Shields died in 1869.
    584 Tombstone, Weimer Odd Fellows Cemetery, Colorado County, Texas: John Thompson Holman, born 21 May 1818, died 23 June 1900.
    585 Nesbitt Memorial Library, Columbus, Colorado County, Texas. Obituary of John Thompson Holman, Weimar Mercury, 30 June 1900. John T. Holman married first in Alabama to Mrs. John T. Shields. He moved to Texas in 1837. One child survives from his first marriage: Natt Holman of LaGrange, Texas. John T. Holman was born near Buckingham Courthouse, Va. He married second, Mrs. Amanda Alexander, and married third Mrs. Hunter. (His second wife was Amanda Burnham).