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guardian for the estate of Larramore children. Blackstone Hardeman lived in Maury County, Tennessee, in 1820.593
    In November of 1826, Blackstone Hardeman went to Bolivar, Hardeman County, Tennessee. He was accompanied in the move to Hardeman County, by his nephew, Peter Hardeman Burnett. Blackstone settled about seven miles from Bolivar.594
    In Hardeman County, at the January Term of Court in 1828, Blackstone Hardeman was on a jury.595 On 13 May 1828, Blackstone’s daughter, Mary,596 married in Hardeman County, Tennessee, to John Marr Hardeman.597
    Blackstone Hardeman moved to Rutherford County, Tennessee, before 1830. He is found in the 1830 U.S. Census of Middle Tennessee, Rutherford County.598
    15 October 1831, Blackstone Hardeman sold land to John M. and Mary Hardeman.
    Blackstone Hardeman and his family moved to Texas in the fall of 1835. His daughter and son-in-law, John Marr and Mary Hardeman accompanied him. Blackstone’s brothers, Thomas Jones Hardeman and Bailey Hardeman, also moved to Texas in the fall of 1835. Blackstone Hardeman paid taxes in Washington County, Texas, in 1837.
    On 23 September 1837 in Washington County, Texas, James B. Miller and Eliza A. Miller, sold to Algred Gee and Nancy C. Gee, a tract in Cole’s Settlement, part of a league granted to William Bridge as a colonist, and half of said league deeded to Eliza A. Andrews, alias Lessassier, being south half of league, having been deeded by Miller to

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    596 National Banner-Nashville Whig, 31 May 1828 issue: Mary, daughter of Blackstone Hardeman, married John Hardeman, 15 May.
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