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Blackstone Hardeman and John M. Hardeman, 1250 acres, for $1800.599 On 27 March 1839 in Washington County, Texas, James B. Miller and wife, Eliza A. Miller, sold to John M. Hardeman, for $600, two tracts in Cole’s Settlement, part of a league granted to William Bridges as a colonist.600
    Blackstone Hardeman, Certificate 1 League and 1 Labor Land, File 261. San Patricio, 1st Class Headright Certificate, Blackstone Hardeman, 12 January 1838. Board of Land Commissioners for Washington County, Texas: Blackstone Hardeman presented himself, 12 January 1838, and proved to their satisfaction that he is entitled to one League and one Labor of Land. That he was a citizen at the date of the Declaration of Independence. That he is a married man and has remained with his family in the county ever since. /s/ Stephen R. Roberts, Jesse Bartlett, James W. Smith.601
    In 1838, Blackstone Hardeman moved from Washington County, to Nacogdoches County, Texas. He paid taxes in Nacogdoches County, Texas, from 1838 to 1840.
    Blackstone Hardeman is included in the 1840 census of the Republic of Texas: Blackstone Hardeman, Nacogdoches County, 1140 acres, 17 slaves, and one pleasure carriage.
    It has been stated many times that Blackstone Hardeman was a doctor. Nothing has been found to prove he was a doctor except the following advertisement.
    Blackstone Hardeman made and sold medicines. The following advertisement was published in the San Augustine Red-Lander, 9 September 1841 issue: “To the Afflicted – Dr. Hardeman’s Vegetable Ointment:” “A certain and sure cure for piles, and is good for any old sores, eruptions on the skin. Take this ointment and anoint the part affected three times a day, and it will effect a sure cure of the piles in eight or ten days. Price 5 dollars. The following certificate has been here appended from among many others in my possession. Blackstone Hardeman. Nacogdoches, May 13, 1841 – Dr. Blackstone Hardeman: -

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