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Dear Sir – At your request, I very cheerfully furnish you with this statement. I had for several years been painfully afflicted with the piles, and had tried a great many medicines, all of which afforded me but temporary relief, until I tried your ointment. It effected a perfect cure on me in a very few days, and I can with great confidence recommend its use to all who are afflicted with that disease. Very respectfully yours, Thomas J. Rusk.”602
    Thomas Jefferson Rusk signed the Texas Declaration of Independence. He was Secretary of War for the Texas provisional government. Rusk fought at the battle of San Jacinto. He was chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court from 1838 to 1840.
    Blackstone Hardeman’s first wife, Anna Bunch, is said to have died circa 1842 in Nacogdoches County, Texas. In 1842, Blackstone Hardeman moved from Nacogdoches County, to Gonzales County, Texas. He married his second wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Foster, in Gonzales County, Texas, 29 April 1846.603
    On 25 November 1848 in Gonzales County, Texas, Miles G. Dikes of Gonzales County, for $480, sold to Blackstone Hardeman of Gonzales County, a tract of land in Guadalupe County, Texas, on the southwest bank of the San Marcus River, beginning at a stake on the bank of the river from which an elm marked E. bears S. 70 degrees E. 7-4/10 varas, and a red haw marked D bears West 6 varas, thence S. 50 degrees W. 3500 vrs. To a stake from which a post oak bears S. 43 degrees E. 4-5/10 varas marked D., thence N. 40 degrees W. 525 varas to stake on south east line of Samuel Williams’s survey from which a post oak marked D bears S. 50 degrees E. 9 vrs., thence N. 50 degrees E. 3600 vrs. to stake on the southwest bank of the San Marcus river from which a cottonwood marked W bears S. 77 degrees W. 21 vrs., thence with the meanders of the river S. 30 degrees W. 1150 vrs. S. 40 E. 70 vrs., thence S. 58 W. 65 vrs. S. 6 degrees E. 110 vrs. S. 69 degrees E. 58 vrs. S. 75 degrees E. 53 crs. S. 46 degrees E. 90 vrs., thence E. 30 varas S. 44 degrees E. 154 vrs. N. 67 degrees E. 55 varas to the beginning, 320 acres, is the same land granted to me as assignee of James Hinds by Patent No. 265, dated 11

    602 Marilyn McAdams Sibley, Lone Stars and State Gazettes – Texas Newspapers before the Civil War (Texas A & M University Press, 1983). Photo plate of advertisement between p. 162-163. San Augustine Red-Lander, 9 September 1841.
    603 Gonzales County, Texas, Marriage #150: Blackstone Hardeman to Mrs. Elizabeth Foster, 29 April 1846.