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September 1841. To Blackstone Hardeman, his heirs and assigns forever, in fee simple, 25 November 1848. /s/ M. G. Dikes.604
    Blackstone Hardeman lived in Guadalupe County, Texas in 1850. He was age 60, his wife, Elizabeth, was 55, and his son, Peter Hardeman was 19 years old.605
    In 1855, Blackstone Hardeman was a member of the Texas legislature. In the 1855 School Census for Guadalupe County, Blackstone Hardeman was guardian of Ann E. Amberson, a child between six and sixteen.
    On 8 June 1855 in Guadalupe County, Texas, Blackstone Hardeman and Elizabeth, wife of Blackstone, of Guadalupe County, for $2,000, sold to William P. Hardeman of Guadalupe County, tract of land in Guadalupe County, known as part of the survey made for Miles G. Dikes on the southwest bank of the San Marcos river and a part of the same on which we live and the part now sold being all of survey of 320 acres which lies northeast of the bed of the slough or false river which runs through tract and embraces all the land of the survey between the false river and the San Marcos, the bed of slough being granted to Wm. P. Hardeman, land now sold embracing an area of about 100 acres, in fee simple, 8 June 1855. /s/ Blackstone Hardeman, Elizabeth (x) Hardeman.606
    Blackstone Hardeman lived in Prairie Lea, Guadalupe County, Texas, in 1860.607 (some of Prairie Lea post office was in Caldwell County, in 1860).

    604 Guadalupe County, Texas, Deed Book D, p. 77-78. Witnesses: F. Chenault, John Baker. Proved in Gonzales County, Texas, by Miles G. Dikes, before F. Chenault, Clerk of the County Court of Gonzales County. Filed 20 October 1851, Paris Smith, clerk.
    605 1850 U.S. Census, Guadalupe County, Texas, p. 287. Blackstone Hardiman, age 60, born Tenn.; Elizabeth Hardiman, age 55, born Tenn.; Peter Hardiman, age 19, born Tenn.; Francis Sherer, age 43, born France.
    606 Guadalupe County, Texas, Deed Book G, p. 240-241. Witnesses: A. Neill, E. W. Campbell. Proved by Blackstone Hardeman and Elizabeth Hardeman, his wife, before Wm. A. Pitts, notary public of Guadalupe County. Elizabeth, wife of Blackstone Hardeman, examined separately, 7 March 1857. Filed 9 March 1857, J. L. Calvert, clerk.
    607 1860 U.S. Census, Guadalupe County, Texas, p. 321, P.O. Prairie Lea, #620/556. D. (or B) Hardeman, age 70, male, farmer, $2200/$5082, born Tenn.; Elizabeth Hardeman, age 64, female, born Tenn.; Elizabeth Amberson, age 12, female, born Miss.