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$2200.00. Household furniture: wardrobe, $35.00; 3 bedsteads, $39.00; bureau, $15.00; feather bed, $20.00; mattress, $5.00; work table, $10.00; bedding, $12.00; 10 chairs, $10.00; spinning wheels, $41.00; kitchen furniture, cooking stove and fixtures, $35.00; iron pots, $40.00; 26 head of cattle @ 4 = $104.00; hogs, and oxen; mule, $100.00; horse, $25.00; crosscut saw & other tools, $10.00; six shooter pistol, $10.00; 2 sythes & cradles, $5.00; wagon, $30.00; 160 bushels corn, $64.00; 1 bale cotton (500 lbs.), ¼ interest in 7 or 8 acres cotton about 437 lbs. not gathered crop of P. Dilworth worth about 9 ct. $39.00; note for $100, May 12, 1864; note against Aaron Saffold due 1 Nov. 1867, $25.00; 6 boxes, $30.00; note against Jno. O. Lean, $25.00; acct. against Tom Ellis, $10.00; specie, $131.00. Subscribed before P. Dilworth, 28 October 1867. Nat Benton, C.J.G.C.610
    Colorado County, Texas, 1 March 1869: P. Hardeman and John B. Hardeman of aforesaid county, for $10,00, sold to Mrs. Martha Perry of Guadalupe County, Texas, all our right, title, and interest in a tract of land in Guadalupe County, on the west side of the San Marcos River and known as the homestead of Blackstone Hardeman, deceased. /s/ P. Hardeman, J. B. Hardeman. Witnesses: R. P. Henderson, Bunch Hardeman. Delivered to J. M. Glasgow, 20 November 1871.
    On 22 January 1872 in Travis County, Texas, William N. Hardeman, sole executor under the will of Blackstone Hardeman, deceased, of Guadalupe County, Texas, for $1320, sold to Richard L. McKinney of Guadalupe County, Texas, all that tract or parcel of land in Guadalupe County, 220 acres, out of the 320 acres conveyed by Miles G. Dikes to Blackstone Hardeman on 25 November 1848 on record in Guadalupe County in Book D, pages 77 and 78, and reference to which is here made for particular description. This conveyance includes all that part of land in said tract southwest from the Slough or Bayou which is the boundary line of a one hundred acre tract to James Glasgow by W. P. Hardeman fronting on the San Marcos River and running back to the bayou as described in the deed from William P. Hardeman to James Glasgow, saving and especially reserving one acre of ground in a square including the family burial ground of Blackstone Hardeman, deceased, which is upon the said land and not herein conveyed and the water privilege belonging to W. P. Hardeman on the Slough or Bayou herein before described. /s/ W. N. Hardeman, executor of B. Hardeman, deceased.

    610 Blackstone Hardeman probate packet.