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was in the Meredith Miles Marmaduke expedition to New Mexico in 1824-1825. Bailey Hardeman and William Becknell trapped beaver along the Colorado River north and west of Santa Cruz and Taos. Bailey financed a Santa Fe trading trip of William Scott in the summer of 1825.
    Bailey endowed Hardeman Academy at Hardeman’s Crossroads (later called Truine), Tennessee. He donated land to the Wilson’s Creek Baptist Church in Williamson County, Tennessee. He kept an ordinary in Williamson County, in 1828. Bailey Hardeman is included in the 1830 census of Williamson County.637
    Bailey moved to Hardeman County, Tennessee, about 1832. His daughter, Emeline, died there, 3 September 1835.638
    Bailey Hardeman moved to Texas in the fall of 1835 with his brothers, Thomas Jones Hardeman and Blackstone Hardeman. He and several other members of his family joined the Texas independence movement. Bailey helped secure an eighteen pound cannon at Dimmitt’s Landing near the mouth of the Lavaca River. They hauled the cannon to San Antonio.
    The General Council of the provisional government of Texas appointed Bailey Hardeman to serve on a commission to organize the militia of Matagorda Municipality. He was elected a representative from Matagorda to the convention at work on the Texas Declaration of Independence. He arrived at Washington on the Brazos, 1 March 1836. He was selected to serve on the five member drafting committee of the declaration. He signed the Republic of Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836. After the convention approved the document, Bailey and two other members of the committee, were appointed to a twenty-one member committee to draw up a constitution for the Republic of Texas. The constitution was approved in mid-March.
    The delegates elected Bailey Hardeman, Secretary Treasurer of the Republic of Texas. At the same time, he was Secretary of State when Samuel P. Carson left the United States, 2 April 1836.

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