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    Bailey Hardeman and Samuel Rhodes Fisher, 1 February 1836, were delegates from the Matagorda Municipality in the Constitutional Convention. On 1 March 1836, Bailey Hardeman, Edward Conrad, George C. Childers, James Gaines, and Collin McKinney were named to the committee to draft the Texas Declaration of Independence with President Burnett. Bailey Hardeman signed an open declaration with Santa Anna, 14 May 1836, with James Collingsworth and Peter W. Grayson.
    After the fall of the Alamo, Bailey fled eastward with other cabinet members. The government moved from Washington to Harrisburg, and from Harrisburg to Galveston Island, in advance of approaching Mexican troops. The group reached Galveston in safety around the time of the Battle of San Jacinto. After the Texas victory, Bailey left the island to deliver supplies to the soldiers of the republic. As acting secretary of state he negotiated and signed two treaties, an open document honorably ending the war and providing for removal of Mexican soldiers from Texas. Bailey Hardeman died 24 September 1836 or 12 October 1836 at Caney Creek in Matagorda County, Texas.
    Hardeman County, Texas, was formed, 21 February 1858. It was named for Bailey Hardeman and his brother Thomas Jones Hardeman.
    The Succession of Bailey Hardeman, deceased, Matagorda County, Texas, Succession No. 23, died 24 September 1836, Matagorda County. Republic of Texas, Matagorda County, Court of Probate: Rebecca Hardeman – heir and her children, Sam Wilson, John, Catherine, and Thomas, the only legitimate children of the late Bailey Hardeman. Rebecca Hardeman be invested with full authority to act as guardian and administratrix of the Succession of Bailey Hardeman, deceased, in all things. Matagorda, 28 February 1837. Silas Dinsmore, Judge of Probate. Witnesses: Joseph Clements, Jno. W. McCamby.639
    Silas Dinsmore, Chief Justice of Matagorda County and Ex Officio Judge of Probate: Rebecca Hardeman of Matagorda County – on or about 24 September last her husband Bailey Hardeman, late resident of this county, died at his residence leaving considerable land and effects and died without a will or testament and your petitioner has children the lawful issue of her said husband, deceased, viz: Samuel, aged 15 years, John, aged 13 years, Catherine, aged 8 years, and Thomas, aged 6 years are the only children and descendants of said deceased and that your petitioner

    639 Matagorda, Texas, Courthouse, Succession No. 23, Bailey Hardeman.