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    In November 1819 in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, Davis Owen was guardian of Hardeman Owen, Patsy Owen, Brackett Owen, Polly Owen, Susannah Owen, and Rebeccah Owen, orphans of William Owen.655
    3 January 1826, Davis Owen, guardian of the orphans of William Owen, deceased, sold to William Marable, both of Oglethorpe County. November Term 1825, Inferior Court. Leave to Sell, 270 acres on Big Creek, the real estate of deceased for the benefit of the orphans of Captain William Owen. Marable was the highest bidder, for $613. Witnesses: Charles V. Collier, Jno. Hardeman, J.I.C.656
    26 September 1818 in Oglethorpe County, Deed of Gift: John Armistead and Amy, his wife, of said county, for love and affection to Amy Armistead’s children: Hardeman Owen, Patsey P. Owen, Bracket Owen, Polly Owen, Susannah Owen, Rebecker Owen, give to be equally divided among them at the death of Amy Armistead, a negro man named David and boy named Saylor, and our part of tract that was left Amy Armistead by the decease of William Owen her first husband. Also, all the legacy that shall be given us by Boice Powel her mother. Witnesses: Glen Owen, Davis Owen.657
    Will of John Powell, made 15 April 1796, recorded 11 June 1796. John Powell of Oglethorpe County. To beloved wife Boys Powell during her life or widowhood one third of the tract I now live on and then to go to my son John Powell. I also lend her a negro woman Dinar, and personal property. To son Abram Powell 20 shillings. To daughter Elizabeth Bell a negro woman Milly. To son John Powell the tract where I now live to take possession of at any time allowing my wife as above her thirds during her life or widowhood and then to go to him. To daughter Rebecca Brigs Powell a negro girl Mary and a negro woman Diner at the death of my wife and a bed and furniture. To daughter Amy Powell a negro man David, $64.27, and a bed and furniture. All residue of my estate not mentioned in this will to be equally divided between my son John Powell,

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