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    Thomas’s grandson’s University of Georgia, Alumni Questionaire, in 1901: John Lumsden Hardeman of Macon, Bibb County, Georgia. He was born in Vineville, Georgia, 12 November 1851. He entered the class of September 1867 and graduated in 1871. He married 20 April 1875, Fannie E. Ross. Relatives who are alumni: B. F. Hardeman (dead); S. H. Hardeman, 2nd cousin; W. A. Hardeman, 2nd cousin, Macon; B. F. Hardeman, 3rd cousin, Athens; Thomas Hardeman, son, Macon; John Olin Hardeman, 2nd cousin, Arkansas (dead). [John Hardeman, age 17, lived with his great uncle, B. F. Hardeman, in 1870, in Athens, Georgia].
    Children of Thomas Hardeman and Sarah B. Sparks.
177. i. John Thomas Hardeman, born circa 1825, Putnam County, Georgia, married 23 February 1848, Bibb County, Georgia, to Jane S. Lumsden,714 born circa 1828. They lived in Bibb County, in 1850715 and 1860.716
178. ii. Paulina V. Hardeman, born circa 1827, Putnam County, Georgia, married 30 May 1850, Bibb County, Georgia, to George M. Logan,717 born circa 1812, Ireland. He was a hotel keeper in Macon, Bibb County, Georgia, in 1860.718
179. iii. Sarah Jane Hardeman, born Putnam County, Georgia, married 23 November 1849, Bibb County, Georgia, to A. C. Spain.719
180. iv. Frances Hardeman, born circa 1834
181. v. Ovidia L. Hardeman, born circa 1836, Bibb County, Georgia

    714 Bibb County, Georgia, Marriage Book B, p. 166. John Thomas Hardeman to Jane S. Lumsden, 23 February 1848.
    715 1850 U.S. Census, Bibb County, Georgia, p. 189, #28. J. T. Hardeman, age 25, atty. at law; Jane Hardeman, age 22; G. S. Hardeman, age 1, male; S. A. Lumsden, age 17, female; Adella Lumsden, age 13; Bushrod Lumsden, age 10; Joseph Lumsden, age 7.
    716 1860 U.S. Census, Bibb County, Georgia, p. 566, #1166/1208. Thomas Hardeman, Jr., age 35, merchant; Jane Hardeman, age 32; John Hardeman, age 7; Jessie Hardeman, age 2, female; Bush Lumsden, age 20; Sally Lumsden, age 16; Joseph Lumsden, age 17.
    717 Bibb County, Georgia, Marriage Book B, p. 218. George M. Logan to Pauline V. Hardeman, 30 May 1850.
    718 1860 U.S. Census, Bibb County, Georgia, p. 498, #641/644, Macon. Logan, George M., age 48, hotel keeper, born Ireland; Pauline V., age 33, born Ga.; Fanny S., age 8; John T., age 6; George M., age 4. And, all the people living in the large hotel.
    719 Bibb County, Georgia, Marriage Book B, p. 217. A. C. Spain to Sarah Jane Hardeman, 23 November 1849.