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    In 1828, some of John Hardeman’s land was sold at sheriff’s sale.738
    Oglethorpe County, 26 December 1829, Marriage Contract: Sophiah Wesley Lucas and Charles Smith, both of Oglethorpe County. Sophiah marriage contract with John Hardeman. To secure her property from the debts of John Hardeman. To retain her property and her family should she have any. Charles Smith is trustee of Sophia’s property: negroes, Gunney, Betty, Mary An, Phillis, Cook, Mary, &c. The negroes are contained in the inventory of the estate of James H. Lucas, deceased, and in the 3rd item of the Will of the late Henry Hill, deceased, of Oglethorpe County, her father. /s/ Sophia W. Lucas. Witnesses: Benjamin F. Hardeman, Benjamin Blanton, Whitman C. Hill.739
    Noah Hill, born circa 1771, died 1805, married 28 April 1796, to Nancy “Ann” Pope, born 28 April 1780, died 6 June 1805, daughter of Burwell Pope, born 1751, died 1800, and Priscilla Wooten. Noah Hill’s will was made 25 February 1805, and recorded 20 June 1805, Oglethorpe County.740 The will named three children: Alexander Franklin Hill, Walton Pope Hill, and Paulina Hill. Executors: Abraham Hill, Wiley Pope, Miles Hill, and Robert Pope. Witnesses: Thomas Wootten, Benjamin Taylor, Wiley Pope.
    Will of Walton Pope Hill, made 17 December 1826, recorded 27 September 1827. To my sister, Paulina, and my brother-in-law, John Hardeman. Executor: Burwell Pope. Witnesses: Miller Grieve, Hopson M. Hubbard, James Gillespie. Walton Pope Hill died 21 March 1827.741
    Sophia Wesley Hill was the daughter of Henry Hill was born in 1767 and died in 1829, married Bettie Andrew, died 11 June 1830. Henry Hill, made his will 29 April 1829, recorded 16 September 1829. The will named wife Elizabeth Hill, son Whitman Coke Hill, daughter Sophia Wesley Lucas, daughter Susannah Hampton Williams, son Henry Philbin Hill, daughter Elizabeth Walton Hardeman. To the Missionary Society of

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