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    Washington County, Texas, 19 May 1848, John M. Hardeman of Washington County, for $300, sold to Nathaniel Peck of Fort Bend County, Texas, one half league of my headright certificate which was issued to me by the board Land Commissioners for Washington County, for one league & labor of land bearing date 12 January 1838, No. 127.903
    John M. Hardeman of Washington County, Texas, Hardemans Branch, sold to Henry V. Robertson, 336 95/100 acres, part of William Bridges’ Headright, granted to him by the Mexican government then from him sold to sundry others including J. B. Miller, Eliza A. Miller, his wife, then to John M. Hardeman, the principal part on the west side of said branch adjoining on the west the tract of part of William Bridges’ Headright and owned by Henry V. Robertson, beginning at a corner of a deep pool of water in Hardeman Branch near the road below where Hardeman now lives near an elm 10” in diameter marked M standing on west bank of pool of water at S.W. corner of Henry V. Robertson’s survey, E. with Robertson’s line 1448 varas to a part in the E. boundary line of said half league from which a post oak bears N. 81 W. 14 in diameter marked R 16 varas distant a ditto bears 5.52 N.W. 20 varas 18” in diameter marked H, then S. 13 & 2 varas the N.E. corner of half league of land granted to Abner KayKendall, then W. with Kuykendall’s north boundary line 388 varas to a stake from which a post oak bears N. 65 W. 8 varas 12 inches in diameter. /s/ John M. Hardeman.904
    John M. Hardeman, synopsis of Texas land grants: received Bounty Warrant 9883 for 320 acres, 19 November 1841, for service from 4 July to 4 October 1836. 143 acres in Walker County were ptd. to Moses Evans, assignee, on 16 August 1851. Patent 680, Volume 5, abstract 280 General Land Office File, Mont. Bounty 181; and 177 acres in Walker County were paid to the heirs of Moses Evans, assignee, 20 June 1856. Patent 151, Volume 8, Abstract 279, General Land Office File Mont. Bounty 180.905

    903 Texas State Land Office. Proved in Washington County, Texas, before Wm. Love, notary public, at Liberty Hill, 19 May 1848.
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