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    John M. Hardeman lived in Washington County, Texas, in 1850.906 The 1850 census taker for Washington County recorded incorrect names for John’s wife and children. John M. Hardeman lived in Ellis County, Texas, in 1860.907 His second wife, Malinda Hardeman, lived in Dallas County, Texas, in 1860.908 John M. Hardeman lived in Ellis County, in 1870909 and 1880.910
    John Marr Hardeman’s land in Ellis County, Texas, was sold to P. W. Watson. The John M. Hardeman homestead was one and a half miles north of Italy, Ellis County, Texas. His house faced Highway 77. The land is now between Highway 77 and Interstate 35.
    Last Will of J. M. Hardeman, deceased: Ellis County, Texas: I John M. Hardeman of Ellis County, Texas being of sound and disposing mind and memory and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs while I have strength so to do Do make this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others heretofore made by me. Item 1st I desire and direct that all my just debts be paid without delay. Item 2nd I desire and direct that all the property both real and personal of which I may be possessed at my death be sold and that Two hundred dollars of the proceeds of said sale be given to my grandson Louis Blackstone Hardeman and that ($1.00) one dollar of said sale be given to my son James H. Hardeman I having already given and delivered to him my said son James H. Hardeman the sum of Eleven Hundred and Seven Dollars and that the remainder of said sale be divided into Eight Equal parts or shares and that one of said equal shares be given

    906 The census taker for Washington County, Texas, in 1850 omitted many families. The entries he did record have incorrect names and ages.
    907 1860 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, p. 13, 24 June 1860, 3rd Division, #121/ 114. Hardeman, J. M., age 56, male, farmer, $5,100/$13,350, born Tenn.; L. N., age 21, female, born Texas; L. L., age 18, male, born Texas; Jas. H., age 15, male, born Texas; G. O., age 12, male, born Texas; M., age 10, female, born Texas; J. R., age 8, male, born Texas.
    908 1860 U.S. Census, Dallas County, Texas, p. 308, P.O. Dallas, Precinct 1, #1251/ 1255. Malinda Hardeman, age 50, born Ky, $6102/$4400, lived alone.
    909 1870 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, p. 329, P.O. Milford, Milford Precinct, 14 September 1870, #111/111. Hardiman, John, age 66, farmer, $5000/$2000, born Tenn.; Malinda J., age 64, born Ky.; Jerome, age 18, farmer, born Miss.; William, age 36, laborer, born Texas; Sarah L., age 30, born Tenn.; Glenn Hardiman, age 21, born Texas; Robert Burnett, age 30, laborer, born Mo.; Barnard Lee, age 26, stage driver, born N.H. All white.
    910 1880 U.S. Census, Ellis County, Texas, S.D. 3, E.D. 50, Sheet 41, Precinct 4. John M. Hardiman, age 76, born Tenn. Va. Va.; Malinda J. Hardiman, age 71, wife, born Ky. Va. Va.; Mary Rogers, age 30, servant, born Ala. N.C. N.C.