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to each of my remaining Eight children or their heirs provided however that each of my said Eight remaining children be first charged with the following amounts of money and property heretofore given and delivered to them respectively as follows to wit. Give to my daughter Ann McPherson as 1856 cash $500.00, 1 mare $75.00, Total $575.00. Amt. given to my daughter Tennessee Harris as 1855 cash $150, 200 acres land $200.00, 1 mare $75.00, Total $425.00. Amt. given to my son W. M. C. Hardeman as 1857 cash $450.00, 2 mares $125.00, cash $15.00, cash as per note Nov. 30, 1885, $150.00, cash in horse trade $75.00, Total $815.00. Amt. given my daughter Rebecca Sims 1 horse $75.00. Amt. given my daughter Rebecca Snow formerly Rebecca Sims 93 6/10 acres land $374.40, Total $449.40. Amt. given my daughter Martha John as 1870 100 acres land $400.00, 9 horses $315.00, cash for plank $20.00, oxen $50.00, Total $785.00. Amt. given my son Glen O. Hardeman as 1871 8 mares $320.00, 1 stove $35.00, 1 house $175.00, 2 yoke oxen $100.00, 78 2/10 acres land $312.80, Total $942.80. Amt. given my son J. B. R. Hardeman as 1873 3 mares $120.00, 1 yoke oxen $50.00, 62 acres land $248.00, 5 horses $150.00, cash paid J. D. Sims $53.18, cash $50.00, Total $671.78. Amt. given my daughter Lucretia Rankin one mare and colt $100.00, and I desire and direct that the total amt. of said property heretofore given to my last mentioned eight children as above enumerated that is to say the sum of Four Thousand Seven Hundred Sixty Three and 98/100 Dollars $4763.98 be added to the remaining proceeds of the sale of my real and personal property as above directed to be made and that the total sum resulting from said addition be divided into Eight Equal parts giving one part or share each to each of my said last mentioned Eight children after deducting from each ones share such amounts as are above charged to each one respectively. Provided however that if any of them has over drawn his or her equal share he she or they shall pay back to and account to the other above named heirs last mentioned for the full amount of each over draft. Item 4th I hereby constitute and appoint my sons in law Robt. John and Peter S. Harris Executors of this my last will and Testament and I direct that they or either of them be not required to give bond. Item 5th It is further my desire that the County or Probate Court shall exercise no further jurisdiction over my will and estate than the probating of the will and the return of an inventory of the property of my estate. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand this the 19 day of July A.D. 1889. /s/ John M. Hardeman. Signed declared and published by John M. Hardeman as his last will and testament in the presence of us the attesting witnesses who